Process control: a practical example

BioSafety Level 4 – the highest safety level for genetic engineering has special technical requirements, e.g. regarding the airlock system.

Leaving the laboratory is only possible after a special decontamination process. The chemical composition of the decontamination solution (e.g. peracetic acid) may change with time, therefore continuous monitoring of the composition and correct additional metering are necessary.To guarantee the safety of both personnel and environment the system must be absolutely reliable. The Briem air lock control concept includes access control, process control, room monitoring and control of the chemical metering unit, operated by means of a user-friendly, multi-lingual user interface.In the risk analysis, compiled before begin of the project, the risk factors were evaluated and during the planning appropriate measures to minimize the risks were implemented, e.g. redundant ultrasonic sensors for monitoring the filling level of the decontamination tanks. The functionality of each part was trialed intensely (e.g. during the factory acceptance test/FAT).We accompanied this project from the functional concept, during planning and production to commissioning.

Control systems for doors and air locks

The control system consists of the air lock control unit including monitoring and visualization of room conditions, as well as the decontamination showers and material air locks. The decontamination showers and material air locks as direct interfaces between containment and environment are especially critical points in terms of safety requirements. BRIEM control systems are developed to meet these requirements and are in use in all BSL-4 and many BSL-3 laboratories in Germany. The BRIEM PLC door control system controls the interlocking of doors on both sides within and outside the containment and in the air locks, ensures the maintenance of room pressure levels and prevents cross-contaminations. In case of deviations from the desired value there are serveral forms of alerting and visualization. The alert can be forwarded to you via text message, email to your computer or tablet or by phone.

Room monitoring systems for animal and safety laboratories

BRIEM measuring instruments for room monitoring are well known for their accuracy, durability and usability. Since standard solutions generally are not sufficient for BSL laboratories, BRIEM is specialized in custom-made products for these applications. Our measuring instruments with integrated control elements, control systems and visualization via touch panels are already in use in various sectors:

  • Animal laboratories
  • Animal labs with personnel air showers (facilities for keeping large and small animals)
  • Quarantine facilities
  • Safety laboratories from BSL-2 to BSL-4


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